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Creating your account takes about 15 minutes. The sign-up process is optimized for a computer. If you are on a mobile device (phone or tablet), please return to this page from a laptop or desktop computer.

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You are eligible to join the my65+ plan if you are 

  • a current or former member of SEIU Healthcare 
  • an employee of SEIU Healthcare 
  • a non-bargaining employee of an SEIU workplace 
  • spouse or common-law partner of the above 

I am signing up through my employer

To join your workplace plan, look for an email from It will contain a unique enrollment link to join your plan. If you cannot find your enrollment link, please check your spam folder and verify with your employer that the email address they provided for you is correct.

Interested in a plan for your organization?

Connect with SEIU about creating a group plan for your company.
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Need help?

If you need help with enrollment or transferring in an existing TFSA or RRSP, please contact support.

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